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Advantum ASP-Service

With the Advantum ASP service, you have the option of subscribing to Advantum. The subscription means that your company pays a monthly fee that gives you easy and quick access to Advantum via your browser. 

With Advantum ASP service, your organization does not have to make any own investment in hardware and licenses. Access to free updates to the Advantum platform is also included in the monthly fee. The flexibility and possibility to implement the system using our pre-configured solutions is included just as if you had chosen Advantum for your own server environment. Our team of application specialists will guide you through the implementation and then be available to make any configuration changes you desire.

Advantum ASP service uses a modern private cloud-based environment with very high security. All data is stored in Sweden and the storage service is based on the latest proven technology with sophisticated software and standardized hardware. The data hall is video monitored 24/7/365 and has a shell protection according to protection class 3. Each customer has their own unique installation of Advantum and thus has the opportunity to influence the update and configuration of their particular solution.

The Advantum ASP service includes, among other things:

  • Access to the Advantum platform
  • Access to free updates of the Advantum platform
  • Customer-specific application with own database
  • X number of concurrent user licenses included
  • Storage space
  • Monitoring with alarms
  • Backup/read back
  • Possibility of customer-specific configuration

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The user-friendly and flexible choice for information management

Plug & Play

We have developed Advantum into a system that is as close to Plug & Play as possible. If you don't want to make any changes to our finished ones pre-configurations, it's just a matter of getting started immediately, quickly and easily!


Being able to work from anywhere you want is entirely natural today. That's why Advantum is developed to function as well on your smartphone and tablet as on your computer.

Truly flexible

With Advantum's extreme flexibility, you can take on the challenges of today staying prepared for future needs and requirements for technical and organisational changes.

Flexible Licenses

Advantum is a flexible system, as is our licensing model! We use flexible licensing and focus on the number of concurrent users in the system. By sharing licenses, Advantum becomes a cost-efficient choice for you.

Personal Advisor

Our customers appreciated our support the most. As our customer, you can always contact your own personal advisor for easy and efficient handling of all your questions and issues.

Konfigurera Anpassa dokumenthanteringssystem
Flexible Licenses

Should you configure or customize
the document management system?

One of the strengths Advantum has is extreme flexibility combined with it being a standard software product. This combination means you can have management that matches your needs and requirements without needing to develop a custom solution.
Configuration means achieving the management you're looking for with the help of standard components. No new functionality needs to be developed, instead the components are so flexible they can be configured to look and function as you want. The system can be easily kept up-to-date by using our latest version without any specific consulting.
Customization means creating a system unique to a customer with functions that need to be maintained and updated separately for each individual customer. The functionality is not tried or tested and the costly work of keeping customer-specific systems updated often leaves further development under-invested or left out altogether.

Why we advocate configuration
instead of customization

Through the years, we have learned that the needs of our customers are often very different from one another. We have addressed this by offering the same system to everyone. Does that sound strange? It’s easy! What we do is simply configure the system to look and function according to your needs and requirements. This means that all of our customers have the same system, but that they often look and function in entirely different ways.

Why is the difference between configuration and customization
so important?

When you adapt a system, you create something unique for a customer which then needs to be maintained in an equally unique way. A configurable standard system can be maintained through common maintenance and is therefore much more cost efficient.