Our components are complete tools for managing specific areas. With the extreme flexibility of Advantum, these components can also be configured to fit your exact requirements. The components are built on best practice based on our long experience in information management. Choose one component or combine several to cover your requirements. If your needs change over time, you can naturally add or change components.

Contract Management

With Advantum contract management, you can manage all your contracts with customers, suppliers, contractors, partner companies, employees, etc. from the first draft to the current version or to signed copies.


Managing the complex links between drawings, 3D models and other product and item information requires competent systems – like Advantum.

Document Management

Efficient document management is an important process for all organisations. Advantum creates a controlled and efficient environment while the flexible permissions system controls access and licensing.

Dossier Management

Med Advantum Dossierhantering får ni fördelarna med ett kraftfullt dokumenthanteringssystem kombinerat med hantering av dokumentationen i en standardiserad struktur.

Quality Documentation

Advantum enables automating and simplifying management of your quality documentation and related operational processes.

Supplier Management

In this tool everything is handled from traditional contact information to more complex evaluation processes and risk assessment of suppliers.

Claim and deviation management

Deviation management in Advantum enables efficient management of many types of deviations and cases, such as quality deviations, environmental deviations, claims, production deviations, incident reporting and change management proposals.

Change Control

The Change control component lets your company work with change processes in a structured way. With functions like creating change requests, evalution, implementation decisons and creating of tasks for the implementation you get a holistic approach for your change control processes.

Case Management

Advantum is a very powerful system for case and process management. The system allows creating everything from simple and quick work flows to more complex processes that continue for longer periods that can involve large numbers of staff and external stakeholders.