Industry solutions

Our industry solutions are developed for a few selected areas; Life Sciences, Government & Public operations and Product Development.

Life Sciences Suite

Advantum Life Sciences Suite is a pre-packaged Quality Management System (QMS) developed based on best practice and aimed especially towards smaller and medium sized companies looking for a more cost-efficient holistic solution. With Advantum it becomes easier to meet requirements and regulations from government agencies and institutions.

Life Sciences Suite Basic

Web-based solution with loads of great functionalities that simplify daily activities and manages your documents and processes in a secure and efficient manner, we introduce Advantum Life Sciences Suite Basic. For a fixed monthly fee, you’ll have access to a problem-free solution based on Advantum’s unique and proven functionality.

Government Agency

In a collaboration with CGI, we created Advantum Government Agency as an efficient tool to support a digitalised information process at Swedish government agencies. The configuration focuses on the case management process (the journal process) and you can quickly create, search, update, sort and relate information from various perspectives.

Product Development

Advantum Product Development is developed in close collaboration with Swedish industry and is built on over 20 years of experience in this area. To manage the complex links between product information and other general information such as project and quality information requires competent, proven and efficient systems. Advantum is such a system.

Food & Beverage

Advantum Food and Beverage is an industry solution for companies working in the food and beverage manufacturing segments. This industry solution is based on the standardized working method HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and offers a solid foundation for a secure and effective quality system.

Truly flexible

If you work in these fields and want to replace your manual or dated procedures for information management our industry solutions are the best choice for you. They're created to provide a broad solution that prepares you for the future. And of course, our industry solutions can be expanded with management in additional fields.