Heatex AB invests in Advantum

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Heatex AB, which is the market leader in OEM deliveries of air-to-air heat exchangers, has decided to use Advantum to keep control of its documentation. In a first step, Heatex will start handling its technical documents in the form of drawings, 3D models and specifications as well as deviations and complaints in Advantum. There will also be an integration with Heatex's business system.

- "We are very happy to have Heatex AB as a new customer, which shows that our product stands up very well in the international competition" says Joakim Svensson, CEO at InfoTech Scandinavia AB. "I am convinced that the flexibility of Advantum was a weighty argument for Heatex choosing Advantum because in a second step they plan to start using Advantum also for more traditional document management" he continues.