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LFV chooses Advantum

LFV (former Civil Aviation Authority) has, after an extensive evaluation, chosen Advantum from InfoTech Scandinavia as its new case and document management system. Advantum will replace LFV's two current systems to handle e.g. cases, documents and drawings. The deal is a breakthrough in the public sector for InfoTech Scandinavia.

LFV is a Swedish state-owned enterprise with 1,300 employees that operates air traffic services for civilian and military customers at 32 control towers spread around Sweden and at two control centres. LFV has total revenues of approximately SEK 3 billion and its main offices are in Norrköping, Sweden. LFV is one of Europe’s leading air traffic service operators. LFV’s solutions for safer and more cost-efficient air traffic has attracted attention around the world and are leading the charge to minimise environmental loads.

Every year approximately 700,000 flights cross Swedish airspace. The aviation industry’s strict concern with safety and their systematic and continuous activities to eliminate all conceivable risks has created a culture of safety mindedness that is apparent in daily operations at LFV.

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