Document management the way it's meant to work

Niconovum ensures quality with the Advantum Dossier Management Pharma service

Niconovum has chosen to use the service solution - Advantum Dossier Management Pharma - to streamline and quality-assure its document management. With - Advantum Dossier Management Pharma - Niconovum gets the benefits of a powerful system support for creating, maintaining and archiving documentation throughout the entire process from idea and development phase to finished product in a standardized structure.

Niconovum develops and sells nicotine products that are consumer-friendly, convenient, effective and fast-acting. Niconovum's products are on the market under the Zonnic® brand. The point of using Zonnic® is that users avoid tobacco while the body receives the amount of nicotine it is used to, all to reduce a major public health problem that smoking is. Niconovum has been part of British American Tobacco (BAT) since 2017.

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