Document management the way it's meant to work

Senzagen quality ensures its document management with Advantum as a service

Senzagen has chosen Advantums as a service to streamline and quality-assure its document management. With Advantum's service solution, Senzagen gets access to a modern web-based environment with very high security. All data is stored in Sweden and the storage service is based on the latest proven technology with sophisticated software and standardized hardware. Thanks to Advantum's service solution, Senzagen does not have to make any own investment in hardware and licenses. With Advantum, Senzagen gets the benefits of powerful system support for creating, maintaining and archiving documentation throughout the entire process.

SenzaGen provides state-of-the-art animal-free testing to assess the allergenicity of a substance. With excellent predictability, the tests meet the needs of multiple industries and help companies develop, produce and deliver safer, ethical and more sustainable products.

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