Söderenergi - new Advantum customer

Söderenergi has chosen Advantum as its solution for managing plant information. With Advantum, Söderenergi ensures that plant information is handled in an efficient and quality-assured manner. Thanks to Advantum's unique configurability, the solution is scalable, which i.a. means that the system can grow and develop as the need grows.

Söderenergi produces district heating for approximately 300,000 people, offices and industries in the Stockholm region, around the clock and all year round. The combined heat and power plant also produces electricity equivalent to the consumption of 100,000 households. It is sold directly to the Nordic electricity exchange. In one year, Söderenergi converts 1 million tons of waste into energy. Half comes via ship to the port in Södertälje. Production takes place in three main facilities; Igelsta cogeneration plant which is Sweden's second largest biofired cogeneration plant, Igelsta heating plant and Fittjaverket. Read more about Söderenergi here www.soderenergi.se

InfoTech Scandinavia offers technical solutions for, among other things, document and case management through the product Advantum. The company is part of the Danir Group and is represented in Malmö and Stockholm. Read more about Advantum here www.advantum.com

For questions please contact:
Håkan Ljung
InfoTech Scandinavia AB
0703 ? 79 12 02